Naturalists Journal (NJ) is a peer-reviewed  Multidisciplinary journal devoted to social science research on Northern England. It specializes in the publication of comparative thematic issues as well as individual research articles, review essays, and book reviews. Committed to disseminating rigorous scientific research to the widest possible audience, (NJ) is fully and freely accessible on line.


Naturalists Journal was founded in 1994 asYorkshire Naturalists' Union, by Alastair Tudor. In 1994, A. Tudor became associated with the Journal as co-editor. In 1998, theJournalwas incorporated in the State of New York under its present name. Since its founding it has been published fromYorkshire Naturalists'. It is typeset byNatural History Museum Library, London.


David Philip. J , John  Patricia, Kent  Bilgrami Collins, Jon Frederick Elster, Tolley Greenawalt, Larmore Leonard, K.Christopher Bono

Managing Editor

Kent Bilgrami Collins


Girma Paton


Liaquat Giralt